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Seorang je Master Dapat Rm 3000 Program NEP shaklee

Seorang je Master Dapat Rm 3000 Program NEP shaklee


I did it last year. And did it again this year!

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Alhamdulillah!

Last year we were surprised bila di panggil naik stage for being the top for the Master Challenge, having the most enrolled organisation. This year, Alhamdulillah, we made it again. In fact, the only Shaklee Leader yang qualify for that RM3,000 cash reward! Ho yeah. Boleh ke Swiss lagi tahun ni.

Tahniah juga pada all SID yang berjaya skor that RM1,500. Still lots of money u know. And I can see banyak #iReachLeader yang berjaya made it through. Tahniah! Tahniah! Tahiniah!

I believe, this business is evergreen & long lasting. The problem that our product is trying to solve is evergreen; like siapa yang taknak cantik or taknak sihat kan? And the business opportunity juga evergreen. Siapa tak nak $$$ kan?

But that doesn’t mean, we can rest on our laurel & expect the business to grow by itself. We have to grow as a person so that our business can grow with us. Baru lah betul kan?

Cuma, I have one problem.

Since Shaklee tak letak nama abam Z dalam ni, dia merajuk suruh saya yang bagi sharing untuk #ShakleeKickstarter esok.

Alahai, cemano ni…😭😭😭

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