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11 Rules Robin Sharma For Businessmen

11 Rules Robin Sharma For Businessmen

1 1 Rules that Robin Sharma encourages you to begin training on to make your rise, starting today:

#1. To be scared is not a sin. To stay stuck just might be.

#2. Great things happen to good people. Give gifts of value, encouragement and mastery consistently.

#3. Personal heroism isn’t a lucky break. It’s a daily practice. Genius takes work.

#4. Prosperity is the result of radical generosity. Karma is real.

#5. Haters will hate all over people doing amazing things. Continue at all costs. And don’t waste your time on them.

#6. Extreme success requires deliberate soulfulness. Refueling and resting isn’t a waste of time. It’s part of winning. Balance is a necessity of legendary.

#7. The marketplace rewards original value and dangerous imagination. Stop being a clone. Innovate.

#8. Daily optimization provokes a tsunami of evolution, if you give it enough time.

#9. Your morning routine is the engine for dazzlingly great days. Commit to nailing it.

#10. The minute you accept your current standards is the moment you’re on the path to irrelevance. Heroes are masters of “satisfied discontent”.

#11. Life is too short to play small with your talent

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